Highlands Ranch- We Are In Town!

We are thrilled to announce our expansion to Highlands Ranch, furthering our commitment to Love People, Love Coffee.

We aren't only about brewing exceptional coffee; it's about creating a space where people can gather, connect, and feel at ease. With the opening of our Highlands Ranch we are dedicated to being a destination for meaningful interactions and an inviting space for all.

The idea of bringing Lost Coffee to Highlands Ranch began in January, during our partnership with Festive Cup. We were consulting and the hope was to begin serving our coffee. When the opportunity arose to take over the space, we were thrilled. Several of our staff members worked alongside the Festive Cup team, getting to know each individual. Through this collaboration, Scott realized this was our chance to not only come to Highlands Ranch but to integrate folks with different abilities into our company.

By April, the lease was signed, and Lost Coffee was officially in Highlands Ranch—yahoo! We then made the space our own: fresh paint was rolled, art was added, and the transformation was complete. 

Opening Lost Coffee in Highlands Ranch, Scott says, “We hope to bring the culture of Lost Coffee to this area.” We are excited to serve the Highlands Ranch community, and those that have been visiting our Littleton or Castle Rock locations living in Highlands Ranch. “This location is a part of a bigger vision, the goal to be the best roaster in Colorado,” Scott states.

Some may argue there is already specialty coffee in the area with Starbucks down the road, but local specialty coffee is lacking.  The coffee supply chain is much longer than many seem to think, and we value paying a premium to support each person involved- from the farmers who plant the seeds, to those who harvest, wash, ship, roast, and craft the coffee into the beverage you enjoy at our café. This area needed specialty coffee. Your impact and what you pay for a coffee make a difference; we are bringing a unique, craft coffee experience to this community.

With individual identity becoming paramount we hope to offer a space that is for everyone. We have completed updates to the space, brought in our coffee, and staffed the space with an incredible team. However, without you, this space is nothing. Lost Coffee works because of the time you decide to spend in our shop, the minutes you take to grab coffee to go, the bags of beans you choose to brew at home, and the friends or family you bring with you on each visit. Really, you made Highlands Ranch Lost Coffee happen, and we thank you for that!

Lost Coffee is open in Highlands Ranch. We hope you stay tuned for more updates as this exciting journey continues to unfold. The story has been told about Lost Coffee Highlands Ranch and now we hope you choose to write some of your own story with us, in this space.

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