Brewing Rwanda Huye- Lost Coffee Roaster

About Rwanda Huye

This coffee comes from Huye Mountain Coffee, a private washing station established in 2011, in Southern Rwanda. Huye created this wash station to provide for their region, but also to bring the international market the highest standard of coffee. This natural coffee is grown between 1600 and 2200 meters and gives notes of green apple, grapefruit, and black tea.

Use the recipe below, or watch a video below! 

What You Need

Ratio & Recipe


Coffee: 17.5g

Water: 300g

Grind size: Medium- Course


  1. Bloom the coffee with 50g of water for 1 minute, ensuring the coffee bed is fully saturated and level.
  2. Pour an additional 100g of water (totaling 150g) in a controlled, turbulent flow at a rate of 8-10g per second.
  3. Let the most of the water drain, you should be around 1 minute 45 seconds before your next pour.
  4. Once most of the water has drained, pour the remaining 150g of water in the same turbulent flow.
  5. Gently swirl the brewer to capture any grounds on the edge and to level the coffee bed, this prevents channeling.
  6. Allow the water to fully draw down.
  7. Give the brewer a final swirl and serve!

Brew Time

 Around 3 minutes


Recipe in Video Form!