DECAF - 12oz

DECAF - 12oz


Size: 12oz

Producer: Planadas

Origin: Montalvo, Colombia

Varietal: Castill and Caturra

Tasting Notes: Plum and cocoa

Coffee Distributor This coffee is a sugar cane process decaf:


Natural Decaf process obtained through the use of sugar cane. creating a natural process utilizing sugar cane molasses. The decaffeination is completed on site at a specialized facility in Colombia Manazales

Montalvo is a region located in Planadas municipality of the Department of Tolima in Colombia. The region is nestled in the central mountain chain of Columbia called Cordillera Central. The town is situated on the eastern face of the mountain chain facing the Magdalena Valley, a dry and warm region that is crossed by the main river of Colombia: La Magdalena, and that influences the weather region thus determining the quality of the coffee produced there. This is a washed coffee with a natural fermentation.

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