ARDI - 12oz

ARDI - 12oz


Size: 12oz

Producer: Shantawene Washing Station

Origin: Sidama Ardi, Ethiopia

Varietal: Heirloom

Tasting Notes: Red berries, dried fruit, florals

Coffee Distributor

The Sidama region’s fertile soil lends rich nutrients and deep color to its coffee. Good weather means good coffee, and this year’s harvest of Ardi is bountiful and avourful. Thanks to healthy rainfall during the growing Season.

There are few views as striking as a hillside washing station with more than 300 raised beds full of crimson cherries drying in the sun. After small farmers harvest their coffee and bring it to their local mill, hundreds of skillful workers continue to sort out overripe and under ripe cherries. The coffee dries on raised beds for 8-10 days and is rotated every 30 minutes to promote even drying. The time spent on the raised beds is complemented by 2-3 days of nal drying on a concrete patio.

A Grade 1 coffee this is the best example of the changing and fun avors a coffee can present year to year

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