Guatemala Alaska Gem Series

Guatemala Alaska Gem Series

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Size: 12oz

Producer: Finca Villaure

Origin: Guatemala, Huehuetenanago

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Tasting Notes: Fruity, Floral, Chocolate

Coffee Distributor: Onyx Coffee

The Story Behind the Coffee: 

The Gem Series collection from Onyx is a selection of unique and highly rated coffees representing the very best of what Guatemala has to offer.

Finca Villaure is a famous Guatemalan coffee farm, owned and operated by multiple generations of the Villatoro family, with award winning strains and unique processing methods. This specialty coffee is a small nano-lot created by son Rodin Villatoro - considered one of the best boutique coffee processors in all of Guatemala. It contains only the ripest yellow bourbon beans, naturally processed to created this fruity, floral and bright cup.