Lost Coffee works with importers who have close, personal relationships with coffee farmers. Many of these farmers work on family owned and operated farms. They produce this coffee with a great deal of attention and care, and as such, we pay a premium cost per pound for their coffee. This helps to ensure that these farmers earn a livable wage and can more easily provide for their families. Lost Coffee also frequently works with women producers. These women often tend to the coffee farms while the men and their families migrate to earn more money for their family.


Once the coffee is imported and received, it is roasted fresh weekly to specialty coffee industry standards. Our roasters approach the roasting process from a scientific perspective, employing principles of chemistry and thermodynamics. They are continuously evaluating roast profiles and cupping samples to ensure that only the best roasts leave our roasting facility.


Our coffee beverages are expertly crafted by knowledgeable baristas who are an integral part of their local communities. Our staff are a compassionate and dedicated group of individuals who are committed to making a difference locally and globally, one cup of coffee at a time. Whether you grab a cup at one of our local cafes or brew one for yourself at home, you can be sure that you are receiving the best quality coffee and are making a difference in the lives of coffee farmers globally.

Our Coffee Importers