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Women Coffee Producers Program

LostCoffee is partnering with one of our coffee importers (Cafe Imports) in support of the Women's Coffee Producers program.  Make your way down to the store and check out the coffee marked with a #pinkpaperclip.  The green coffee is exclusively sourced from women owned farms from around the world.  Currently you can help support our efforts by purchasing our locally roasted Colombia.  It's our first #pinkpaperclip offering.

A.M.A.C.A (Association de Mujeres Productoras Agropecuarias del Cauca) is the latest partnership in our Women Coffee Producer program. Located in the Colombian municipality of El Tambo, Cauca, this collective is made up of 140 female producers. After cupping a sample of their coffee this past July, we decided to drive to the township of San Joaquin and meet them - they're inspiring. The average size of land is just a single hectare per member, most of whom are the heads of their households. The members of AMACA are passionate, strong-willed, and have a deep sense of family values that seems almost magnified within the group as a whole. The premium included in the support of this coffee will most likely go towards the construction of a building where the members can store and cup their future harvests.

Here is just some of the ways the Women's Coffee Producers Program helps around the world

  • sourced through a democratically organized collective or group which comprises at least a significant voting percentage of active female coffee growers (more than 25% participation), or from groups entirely comprising female members and/or participants.
  • purchased at a premium price above the average market value for the coffee, with the application of that premium decided upon by a majority of the group. The use of this premium will vary based on the needs of the women; in the past, these premiums have been used to build organic vegetable gardens (CESMACH, Mexico), dry-mill facilities (CODECH, Guatemala), and education and training programs related to sustainability practices (Gayo Megah Berseri, Sumatra). In some cases, the premium may simply be distributed among the group members in order to create equity and to raise their standard of living.
  • given ample market representation as a lot that seeks to create equity, equality, and recognition for the normally marginalized female members of the supply chain.
  • traceable to the organizational level, if not to the individual producer level, with particular attention given to the membership structure of the organization.
  • a potential for a long-term relationship in which increased market accessibility creates the opportunity and incentive to improve coffee quality, thereby earning increased cup-based premium in future harvests.

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Evans Avenue LostCoffee - Soft Opening

Albeit a rather slow process, but she is alive.  

Scott and I removed the window coverings last night to reveal LostCoffee's first Denver store.  There is plenty of training and some details to work through but we are serving. 

This morning we quietly and softly unlocked the doors to our third store.  It's amazing.

Watch for Grand opening festivities in a few weeks. 


2016 Castle Rock Best of the Best - Coffee Shop

Being a Coffee Shop winning our category makes us so happy.  

Our team is very grateful for all of you.  Thanks for your votes again this year.

"Snowfall" our Christmas Roast flurries into stores tomorrow.

Come help us celebrate the morning release of our Christmas Roast.  "Snowfall" will be released tomorrow, Saturday the 21st, at 6am.  The Meadows and Downtown Castle Rock locations are getting stocked late Friday night in anticipation.


Snowfall is perfect for family gatherings, warming up after ice skating, or after a day of skiing powder. Since 1936 our hometown of Castle Rock has gathered annually in November to light the star, that rests upon the rock, that gave the town its namesake. This annual gathering brings the town together and kicks off the Holiday Season. It’s with this event in mind that we developed this roast.

Our Snowfall coffee is a blend from Africa and South America. The sun dried Ethiopian Sidama, from the region where coffee originated, provides sweet fruit tones that pair blissfully with cranberry and citrus desserts or scones. Paired with Guatemala Huehuetenango, a washed-process coffee, this coffee adds earthy tones making it a perfect pairing with Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas morning treats.

Drone Coffee Delivery

Our neighbors across the street at multicopter warehouse had an idea a few weeks ago, that eventually turned into this entertainIng video.

Hopefully someday we actually be delivering lattes, and coffee this way.   

LostCoffee Customer gets his SuperBowl Commercial Debut

How many of you have met Wayne?  He can usually be found in the morning at the counter of our Perry Street store.  Wayne gets the controversial, Super Bowl ad for Coca Cola ad started.  He's the cowboy with the white horse in the first three frames.  He also is shown towards the end drinking a bottle Coca Cola So if it's about 9:15am and you're around 4th and Perry stop in and say hello to Wayne.

LC Cycling Kits Available for Pre-Order

We've had a busy year opening two stores. Lot's of exciting new products are coming this year and here's something we've been working on for some time now. If you've followed us since the days when we were just a truck you know we've spent some time at bike races. Also we spend a fair amount of time on our bikes, whether it's running errands, riding with the family, group rides with the local club or a race here and there.

Last year the local club launched rides from our stores, and on most sunny days you can usually find customers bikes parked outside one of our locations. It's something about bikes and coffee that pair well.

With that said, we are launching our brand new kits for the 2013 year. Designed by our buddy, Hutch, and his team over at Primal. We've chosen their best products with some great designs. We think you'll be proud to wear our kit whether at your local crit, group ride or endurance race.

We're taking orders immediately. Visit our OnlineStore where you can choose your kit size and place your order. Once we meet the minimum order quantity we'll place the order. Six weeks later you'll be cruising in your sleek, new LostCoffee kit.

So make sure you're the sharpest looking rider next time you go out. Go here and place your order today.

Thanks for all your support and we look forward to serving and riding with you this year.


Blessing Blankets for Newtown, CT

[youtube_sc url="" title="Blessing%20Blankets"]

LostCoffee had the privilege to partner with a local Castle Rock resident this weekend to help send blankets and other supplies to the children affected by the Sandy Hook shooting. Jennifer Minor was able to connect with a local congregation in Connecticut who had a family member lost that day. With the help of the leadership there, they set a goal of sending 15 blankets to the children at the school. Because of the overwhelming response of Castle Rock residents they are going to send over 100 blankets and other items to the affected families and children.

LostCoffee Limelight was able to provide 1200sq ft of workspace for the volunteers. Both the Perry St store and the Limelight location will be a donation location for those who would like to contribute money. All money will be sent directly to the local Connecticut congregation, a 501c organization, ensuring the funds are distributed appropriately to those who remain in need.

LostCoffee is thankful for the opportunity to serve our community and reach out to those affected.


Our Holiday Hours

Are you taking time off for the holidays?  LostCoffee isn't.  Enjoy one of our fast & fresh beverages every day in November and December.


Our Perry Street store has also extended it's regular store hours.