10 reasons why Jeremy Clarkson should leave Top Gear and be a Barista at LostCoffee.

Dear Jeremy Clarkson, 

10 reasons why you should leave Top Gear now and be a Barista at LostCoffee.

    Jeremy Clarkson.jpg
    1. It’s cheaper to get a good beer buzz on at the altitude here in Colorado
    2. Eventually all cars will run on electricity(coal).  So no sweet sound of exhaust; get out now.
    3. You're not getting any younger.  Seriously friend, being a Barista is a much easier life.  No Hammond, just steaming milk and pulling espresso shots.  Drain cleaning isn’t as bad as Brittany says it is.
    4. Uniform included.  Jeans are fine but Corduroy Blazers are currently not approved, but we can talk about that.
    5. Free coffee (while on shift)
    6. I have a ’69 VW Squareback or a ’13 MINI that you could drive back and forth to the shop, until you get back on your feet.
    7. Colorado has a Ferrari dealership, now.
    8. If you long for an adventure where someone drops you off in an unknown country and a tv crew follows you around.  We could probably work out something in Costa Rica involving a coffee plantation.  It would all need to fall under the heading of “Tax Write Off”  #winkwink
    9. We are probably opening a few stores this year so there is opportunity for advancement(no promises)
    10. I can take a punch, and would probably be honest and say I deserved it.

    Let me know, John

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