Go Find The LostCoffee #GoFindLC #hiddencash

Have you heard of the @hiddencash twitter account?  The news blew up yesterday with this wonderful story out of California.  Someone is hiding money in envelopes and then sending twitter followers clues to find the money via their twitter account.

When we saw this story we got inspired to hide some LostCoffee Money.  We were up early hiding LC gift cards around Castle Rock.  Throughout today and tomorrow we will be giving you clues as the where-abouts of all the cards.  Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook accounts for clues.

Rules are simple:

  1. All the cards are hidden in public, there are no keys needed or business hours to worry about.  If the clue sends you to a business or to a public building it will be hidden outside so it can be found outside the business' hours.
  2. Be sure to take your picture with the gift card and post it to our Twitter or Facebook account so others know it’s been found.
  3. Have fun and be safe.  Now... "Go Find The LostCoffee"

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