Pumpkin Spice Latte Shortage - not at LostCoffee

Last week we all heard the news from the Wall Street Journal. A certain large coffee chain is having distribution issue with pumpkin spice latte mix. No need to be worried Pumpkin Latte fans your local LostCoffee locations have plenty of your favorite Fall concoction. Our stores are stocked and our vendor says there is more than enough in the distribution chain to get us deep into the season.

We're sure that unmentioned coffee chain will soon fix it's distribution issues, but do you really want take that chance? :) No one wants an upset pumpkin spice commuter in traffic. The only way to be sure you'll get your favorite Fall coffee beverage exactly the way you want it, is to stop by one of the two LostCoffee locations in Castle Rock.

The downtown store is at 390 Perry Street. Our Limelight store serves the Red Hawk and The Meadows communities and it located at 3980 Limelight Ave., next to the movie theater.