barista | cashier


customer service |

We define our service by Speed and Quality in a Cup!
We do not include friendliness because you should choose another career path if you fail to provide the friendliest service.

We are dedicated to providing customer service unlike any other company in any industry. We do this in many ways starting first with ourselves.

We take care of ourselves before we work. This looks different for every individual. Taking care of ourselves first allows us to take care of others later.

We go beyond our customers expectations by anticipating their needs. We know their drinks, their names, and we surprise them by admitting when we are wrong even when we know we are right.
We never allow personal feelings to interfere with our exceptional customer service.

sales |

We meet and exceed our sales goals.
We relentlessly seek opportunity to grow sales: through average transaction growth, through speed, through quality, through strategy and planning

presentation |

Baristas should identify ways in which to maintain immaculate presentation utilizing tools they create for success. For example, a timer may be set to alarm an employee that they need to sweep, clean, and empty trash for any area a customer may be present. Baristas are encouraged to find creative ways to maintain a clean environment for our customers.

  • Hands should be washed anytime you contact or prepare food or drink.
  • No ripped or torn shirts
  • Uniforms should be clean and stain free
  • Hair should be neatly groomed.
  • Cafe (cafe refers to the area in which we service our customers)
  • for trucks this is the area surrounding our vehicles and the interior of our vehicles
  • for brick and mortar this refers to patios and interior including BOH and restrooms.
  • we never allow dirty restrooms in our stores.
  • Cafes will remain litter and stain free.
  • Workstations should remain clean and spill free.
  • Regular visits to customer areas beyond our workstations ensure our standard.

compensation |

+/- $16.00 per hour (hourly + tips earning potential)