We Don't Sell Scales

We don’t sell scales in our stores and we use them all day long every day and they are one of the most important tools for making coffee. So this isn’t a sales pitch folks.


Proportion is absolutely essential in making good coffee. We’ve all lived the scoop life for too long with the, “I use three scoops person” solution. This is not who we are people. We can make some amazing improvements to our coffee with a scale. Harkening back to our climbing analogy we’ve gotta learn to tie a knot before we step foot off the ground. So you’re going to go get a scale. We promise to keep it simple. We don’t sell scales. Here are some recommendations.

I spare no expense and l always look good scale:

Acacia Pearl Model S

I want all the options of the other scale but I’m not flashy and have a bit of a budget scale:

Hario V60 Drip Scale and Timer

Ok, this coffee stuff is cool, but I don’t want my partner to know I’m buying coffee equipment cause I just bought a new bike, rope, skis, rod, pick your poison etc. etc.

ERAVSOW Coffee Scale

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