Why Lost Coffee? Why do we encourage Lostness?

The name "Lost Coffee" originated from the experience of rock climbing in Yosemite, California. Navigating the winding and misleading paths in the daunting rock made it challenging to adhere to the designated route. Missing a turnoff could result in getting lost, prompting climbers to create new paths to regain their bearings. This process of navigating through uncertainty—where the mind circles, searches, and generates ideas—often leads to growth. It was through this lostness that the name Lost Coffee was created.

Lost Coffee embodies the idea of embracing novelty and exploration in everyday experiences, from your morning cup of coffee to your conversations, relationships, and entire life.

In your daily coffee routine, veering away from familiarity can be enlightening. Choosing a beverage out of your comfort zone may seem like a small act, but it is a small step in the right direction. If you are a drip coffee person, try a 6oz cappuccino. If your go-to is a white mocha, venture out by experiencing the natural and subtle sweetness of a cortado. 

In conversations, ask unconventional questions that spark deeper reflection. Ask what life will look like five years from now. Ask what brings someone true joy. Get to the truth behind a simple “Are you okay?” These moments of curiosity can lead to genuine connections.

Moreover, when faced with challenges at work or in life that seem too big to fathom, straying from the expected route can open the door to new solutions. Lostness can lead to exponential growth. 

Even seemingly minor deviations—like opting for a local café over the convenience of Starbucks—can lead to your new favorite shop that not only tastes better, but has a focus on purchasing fair and socially responsible coffees!

In essence, encouraging lostness is about fostering a mindset of openness, curiosity, and willingness to embrace change. It's about recognizing that getting lost allows for exploration, learning, and ultimately, personal growth. Let's embrace the journey of getting lost together!

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